Fast-Net is a website design company that specializes in developing parts marketing solutions for franchise dealership parts departments. The Fast-Net Team is made up of EXPERIENCED professionals from the technology, automotive, and motorcycle industries. Our associates have years of real-world experience and the knowledge you need to grow your business.


      Using the Intenet has become as common place as using the telephone, fax or copy machine. More and more consumers are making purchase decisions after of browsing corporate websites. As a result, dealership parts managers are turning the Internet to help them expand the scope of their market and reach new customers.

For most dealers, you can draw a circle X number of miles around your dealership and 90% of your parts business would come from inside that circle. Fast-Net can help you expand that circle and cost effectively reach thousands of new customers around the world.

Getting Visitor to Your Site

      "If you build it they will come" is a phrase made popular by recent hollywood film. While it may be true in the film, it is certanly not true of your website. We can help! Fast-Net's Worldparts Center Network is a high traffic, high profile parts locator where hundreds of parts buyers come everyday to locate new OEM auto parts. Parts buyers can search by part description or part number.

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