Fast-Net's World Parts Center is an advertisement based parts locator system where participating dealers can place ads for specific parts. People from around the world search the database in order to find price and availability of needed parts. Each time a search is performed our system notifies the participating dealers of the search results. If a match is found ONLY THE DEALER WHO PLACED THE AD IS NOTIFIED. If no match is found, the notice is sent to all dealerships that sell the selected carline. This allows our dealers to contact the customer by phone or email and service his/her parts needs.

Here is a sample ad for a set of brake pads for a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

E-mail Notification
Each time a search is performed in the on-line parts catalog and NO MATCH is found the system sends an e-mail message to ALL the participating dealers which looks like this:

|-------------------- User search request from World Parts Center ----------------|
A search was performed in the World Parts Center On-line catalogs
By rayu@worldparts.com for an 1986 Chevrolet Caprice master Cylinder.
No match was found

The dealer who receives this message has the opportunity to do two things.

  1. Contact the customer via e-mail and service this customer's parts price and availability request.
  2. Place an ad for this item in the database so that the next time a search is performed for this part, the dealer's ad is displayed and the dealer receives an exclusive notification.

The user who performed the search is then given the opportunity to fill out an on-line form which is also e-mailed to all of the participating dealers. This form asks the customer for his name and phone number, VIN number and most of the information that would typically be required to correctly look up a part. Here is a sample of the e-mail message our dealers receive:

Membership is month to month and may be cancelled at any time without penalty

Guidelines for Membership Status: Upon acceptance into the program, the dealer agrees to:
1. Maintain continuous service from date of enrollment
2. Make no more than one late payment per year. Payments are due the 1st and late after the 14th.
3. Participate in surveys that provide statistical information.
4. Provide for a return link from your page to Fast-Net's World Parts Center.;

Dealers will be notified of any potential issue regarding the loss of preferred membership status via a formal letter of notice. Member's feedback will be a mechanism that will assist in providing the most effective network and professional customer service to the people who need parts. Our analysts will continue to compile information and derive statistics to continually improve our effectiveness in the marketplace. Some of the results of this feedback will include prequalifying customers, maximizing FNWPC advertising and maximizing dealer exposure on the Internet.

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